1-10V Lighting Controls

1-10V Lighting controls

AQ-S Master Control - Control Unit 1-10V


AQ-S Master Control

Order-Nr.: 50.13.112

Type: AQS-S


AQ-S Potentiometer control module for the control of max. 200 electronic ballasts or transformers with 1-10V interface to be operated with rotary or sliding potentiometers.
In order to provide for a versatile operation the external control is made via DC 0-10 V or with an internal rotary potentiometer with rotary ON/OFF-switch.


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AQ-S Auditorium Dimming Control 4-pushbuttons - Control Unit 1-10V


AQ-S Auditorium Dimming Control 4-pushbuttons 1-10 V

Order-Nr.: 50.13.113

Type: NS4-S


The AQ-S Auditorium dimming control NS4-S type is suitable for dimmable electronic ballasts and electronic transformers with low-voltage interface of 1-10V. The NS4-S controls the brightness
between 0..100% continuously and can be controlled with 4 pushbuttons (4-pushbutton function).


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