-  that is our passion!

The ALTENBURGER ELECTRONIC GMBH was founded in 1965 as a division of the ALTENBURGER KG, a manufacturer of light alloy forgings and vehicle parts. In 1975 it became independent as ALTENBURGER ELECTRONIC GmbH in Seelbach, Southwest Germany. The company was the first manufacturer of all kind of dimmers in Europe and worldwide the first one for electronic auditorium controls, constant light controls, multi-sensor dimmers and light value control switches. It was one of the first members of the European Installation Bus Association (EIBS). From 1988 on it developed microfiltration systems, made of stainless steel membranes among others for chemical industries and power plants. An offset of these systems were stainless steel filters for samples of critical suspensions for measuring purposes.
All ALTENBURGER products were developed in-house with own R&D members. This also applies for the latest range of products: WiFi-systems, starting with the traditional ALTENBURGER products: dimming controls, among others programmable dimming control systems, multi-sensor dimmers and switches, to be followed by a range of other products for the home and building automation.