Multi Sensor Dimmers

Multi Sensor Dimmers for constant lighting controls

KMSS Multi-Sensor-Dimmer - Constant Light Control 1-10V


KMSS Multi-Sensor-Dimmer

Order-Nr.: 50.13.320

Type: KMSS


Multi-Sensor-Control KMSS for an installation into light fittings (1-10V) and up to three Multi-Sensors.
• up to 3 Sensors (LBS/e)
• 0-10 / 1-10V interface 1-10V: -100mA DC / 0-10V: +1,5mA DC
• Switch contact: 5A (ohmic)


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AQ-MSS Multi-Sensor-Dimmer - Constant Light Control 1-10V



AQ-MSS Multi-Sensor-Dimmer

Order-Nr.: 50.14.140

Type: AQ-MSS


AQ-MSS - Multi-Sensor-Dimmer (DIN rail mount) Controller for the connection of up to 6 Multi-Sensors. With selector switch for 6 functions and manual control with the functions BRIGHTER-DARKER-ON/OFF.
The distance between the controller and the sensors can be up to 100 m.


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