DALI Controller Basic NV

Order-Nr.: 85.01.000

Type : DCB NV


DALI Controller Basic NV

  • Control of up to 64 DALI-ballasts, DALI-transformer or DALI-converters,
  • assignment of the DALI-devices to up to 4 individual lighting groups (individual addressing),
  • programming and selection of up to 4 lighting scenes,
  • connection at 5-pushbutton panels for programming and selection of lighting scenes,
  • constant light control (daylight dependent control) including presence detection in combination with Multi-Sensor-Dimmer.


DALI - Controller Basic NV - Controller Addressing




85 01 000 DCB NV ueb eng



  • Programming and selection of 4 lighting scenes, individual dimming and switching of light circuits and master controls with the 5-pushbutton panel or 5 customary pushbuttons of up to 64 DALI ballasts or transformers and digital → analog converters.
  • Combined presence detection and constant light control in connection with ALTENBURGER Multi-Sensors.

Each individual lamp with its DALI ballast or transformer can be initiated with the 5-pushbutton panel and assigned to one of 4 lighting groups. Additional devices for the programming are not required. Lighting systems are becoming more flexible, requiring less expenses for installation.

The DALI-interface combines dim- and switch functions through a common control line. DALI ballasts or transformers and DALI Converters (digital → analog) can individually be controlled. Fluorescent lamps, low-voltage halogen lamps or incandescent lamps thus can individually be dimmed or switched on the same circuit. A re-configuration is possible without any changing of the installation.