DALI-Dim-Converter-Control DC NV

Order-Nr.: 85.01.002

Type : DC NV


DALI-Dim-Converter-Control DC NV

  • Integrated power supply for the control of up to 100 DALI-ballasts, DALItransformers or DALI-converters in the broadcast mode,
  • constant light control (daylight dependent control) including presence
    detection in connection with Multi-Sensor-Dimmers,
  • integrated A/D-converter for the conversion of 1-10V/0-10V-signals to DALI-signals, i.e. for the connection of 1-10V/0-10V control units to DALI devices,
  • suitable for potentiometer controls,
  • suitable for the connection of 1- or 2-pushbutton panels.


DALI - Dim/Converter Controll NV - Controller Broadcast 0-10V 1-10V ➤ DALI



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Data Sheet

85 01 002 DC NV ueb eng


DALI DIM/CONVERTER CONTROL (DC NV) 1-10V (0-10 V) analog -> DALI Converter

with (Multi-) Sensor-control and 1 – and 2-Switch dim functions

Dim-and Switch Functions:

The DALI Dim/Converter Control DC NV is suitable for the control of max. 100 DALI ballasts or transformers. Just after connection to mains the module is ready for operation. A commencement or a group assignment is not required. The module includes the current supply for the interface of the 100 DALI ballasts.

The DALI Dim/Converter Control has a selector switch for:

  • The analog-digital-conversion from electronic ballasts or transformers with 1-10V interface and from Altenburgerdimmers with 0-10V interface to the DALI-interfaces
  • 1-pushbutton and 2-pushbutton switch dim-functions
  • (Multi-)Sensor- functions


While the DALI Converter (digital -> analog 1-10V/0-10V) transfers the DALI-signals into analog signals the DALI Dim/Converter Control transforms the analog signals into digital signals.

This offers the following possibilities:

  • ON/OFF switching of DALI ballasts with analog control voltages
  • Dimming with potentiometers
  • Operation with ALTENBURGER-control modules with multiple pushbutton panels (e.g. setting of up to 6 light levels, Brighter, Darker, ON, OFF – see ALTENBURGER catalogue ALTOQUICK (AQ)-dimming controls).
  • Combination with Multi-Sensors for the daylight dependent control and presence detection.

Direct Lighting control functions:

With connections to terminals T1/T2 and/or the analog control input AS the following switch/dim-functions directly with DALI ballasts can be realized:

1-switch-dim function

  • ON/OFF, Brighter/Darker
  • Storing a light level with double click
  • The stored light level also is the switch ON value

2-pushbutton switch dim function

  • ON/Brighter, Darker/OFF
  • Light level storing by pressing both pushbuttons at a time
  • The set light level is the switch ON value


The DC NV automatically recognizes immediately the connection of (Multi)-Sensors. The sensors are operating in dependence of the daylight and presence detection, alternatively with just one of both functions. Up to 6 Multi-Sensors, daylight- or motion sensors can be connected. The delay time after presence detection can be set at the module between 1 and 30 min. After this time lighting goes to a minimum level of 1 – 2 % and finally switches OFF after 10 min.