TH - Trailing edge dimmer (phase-intervall) 2 KW/KVA

Order-Nr: 51.02.100

Type: TH 2 KW-0


TH - Trailing edge dimmer (phase-intervall) 2 KW/KVA
Backplate-mounted in cabinets (optional wall-mounted or wall-recessed housing) for the control of incandescent lamps, lowvoltage halogen lamps with electronic transformers, high-voltage halogen lamps and dimmable power LEDs (230V).
Mounting plate with terminal blocks and plug-on load and control module. Manually controlled with attached rotary potentiometer with ON/OFF switch.
1-phase TH-plug in module: 230 V/AC, 50 Hz, phase-controlled mode


TH-0 - Trailing Edge Dimmer 2 KW/KVA - Powerdimmer 2000W - Trailing Edge - 0-10V - min/max limitation