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Altenburger Electronic GmbH - ihr starker Partner in der Gebäudeautomatisierung ★ AQStation ✔ KNX ✔ DALI ✔ Dimmer, Lichtsteuerungen und Konstantlichtregelungen ✔

Welcome to the Altenburger Electronic website.

ALTENBURGER ELECTRONIC GMBH is a manufacturer of all types of dimmers and lighting controls beginning with domestic dimmers in 1965. It was the first manufacturer of auditorium dimming controls with load capacities up to 3 x 8 KW, daylight dependent constant light controls, light value control switches, multi-sensor controls and numerous other lighting controls.

ALTENBURGER was one of the 10 first members of the European Installation Bus-Association (EIBA) and started quite early with the production of controls and converters for DALI operation systems and combinations of DALI/KNX -controls. Multi-Sensors were designed as stand alone devices as well as integrated modules in DALI and KNX systems.